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cioccolateria artigiana Conca d'Oro
Chocolate! That incredible source of pleasure to the palate!

"How can you possibly make something already delicious beyond belief, into something even more sublimely delicious?"

If, as they say, the best artists in history are those who have had the courage to be innovative, then the Conca d'Oro is an artists' studio, because, in order to discover the recipe for a flavour that is as balanced for its taste as for the praise it receives, the Conca d'Oro, has applied the 'nectar of the gods' to create the most precious wine pearls. These wonderful, new and delicate blends enter a totally unknown realm of sensations for the palate.

Should you still not be a believer, the Conca d'oro proposes a challenge:
"Give me your wine and I will harmonize it with the chocolate that I sense that it should be with", and I invite you to accept the challenge by sending me your requests.

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