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cioccolateria artigiana Conca d'Oro
"[...] On coming back to Venturina I feel like going to buy some chocolate, so I go to the Conca d'Oro, a confectioner's and ice-cream parlour with a chocolate workshop managed by the Master Chocolatier Domenico d'Affronto and his family, who came here from Sicily twenty years ago. Many kinds of pralines and chocolate bars, that are even exported to Saudi Arabia and Japan, can be bought here."

Sibilla della Gherardesca, da "La mia Toscana"

- Cioccolateria Conca d'Oro -
"[...] In the centre of Venturina the clever Master Chocolatier, Domenico d'Affronto, produces some excellent cru chocolate, particularly that containing typical local aromatic herbs such as sage, rosemary and laurel. You can choose and taste more than 60 varieties of pralines."

Lo Specchio (La Stampa)

- Those Vin Santo pralines -
"[...] We cannot leave out a sweet-toothed visit to Domenico d'Affronto's, the clever chocolate-maker and the owner of the Conca d'Oro confectioner's that produces a wide range of pralines (about forty in all, the best of them perhaps those with Vin Santo), chocolate bars, chocolate tool-shapes and chocolate-covered fruit. There is also traditional patisserie with éclairs, small sweet pastries and small Sacher Torten."

L'Italia del Gusto (Corriere della Sera)

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