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cioccolateria artigiana Conca d'Oro
To the Mayas, it was the 'nectar of the gods'. The Aztecs used chocolate beans to buy slaves. To the scholars of Boston University and Harvard University, chocolate prolongs life.

Domenico D'Affronto's extraordinary experimental inspiration combined with his many years of experience in the field, have led to many qualities of chocolate that can be infinitely personalised in order to harmonize with any possible whim that might take the client's fancy.

The result is as delicious a selection of products as they are precious, created to please any taste:

      - 45 types of pralines containing no vegetable oil, over half
        of which are hand prepared with loving care;
      - 50 varieties of sugar-free chocolate bars (from a single
        source, containing dried fruit, and flavoured with fruit and
      - 10 original recipes of cream spreads.

End products line Christmas and Easter.
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