Cakes and Single Servings

Italian tradition in harmony with European culture.

Research and innovation. Contrasts of consistency, traceries of flavour, exaltation of taste and aesthetics to give a unique experience.

Sweets that are in the first place good, and then good-looking. A Grand Tour of taste.


Blonde chocolate and salted caramel.
The sea, sand and heat, enclosed in a dessert.


The enchantment of the village.
Chocolate the subsoil, green pistachio the nature, red strawberries the sunset, silver the precious value of the place.

Conca d’Oro

Almonds, hazelnuts, blackcurrant and chocolate.
Crispness, silkiness, zesty and sweet.
A sublime architecture of flavours.


Hazelnut and chocolate.
A refined exaltation of the classic Italian combination.


Orange and chocolate.
An immortal alliance of flavours presented in a modern key.


Madagascar chocolate, strawberry and bourbon-vanilla bavarois cream.
A balanced symphony of taste.

Oro di Sicilia

Sicilian pistacchio and vanilla bavarois cream.
Only for lovers of the true, born in Sicily, green gold.


White chocolate, Tahiti vanilla, raspberry.
When creamy sweetness meets the zest and crunchiness of almonds.

Sacher Imperiale

Beyond apricot preserve.
Pieces of apricot and Caribbean chocolate ganache. How to interpret tradition and add elegance. For those hard to please explorers.


White chocolate mousse, yoghurt and raspberries on a crunchy base with a pinch of black pepper.
To create means to dare.
For those who loves to go beyond the edge.


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57029 Venturina (LI), Tuscany