Christmas Special

For a Christmas dedicated to a Journey in Taste

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Pancòdoro with woodland fruits

PAN della Conca D’ORO created in 2001. Springing from tradition, a new architecture of Taste – unforgettable, unique. A Journey in Flavour!

Pancodoro Frutti di Bosco
Pancodoro Doppio Cioccolato

Pancòdoro Doppio Cioccolato

Only for chocolate-lovers.

Oodles of chocolate with 64% cocoa, and over this another coating… to guarantee total satisfaction!

Pancòdoro all’Extravergine d’Oliva IGP Toscano

The IGP extra virgin olive oil enwraps and enriches, giving elegance and refinement.

Lightly candied lemon and orange peel complete this, exalting the whole.

Delicate harmony!

Pancodoro Olio Extravergine Oliva
Pancodoro Classico

Pancòdoro Classico

The Pancòdoro Classico, without icing – as tradition demands.

Lightly candied orange peel, almost au naturel … the essential oils of the skin coming out. Then the dried fruits, the best, with a perfect moistness. And then the citron.

If you try it you won’t forget it!


My interpretation of the Pandoro, only the lower part.

An exclusive recipe that I enrich personally with notes of vanilla and mandarin.

Freshness which amazes and… makes you always want more!



Via Indipendenza 102
57029 Venturina (LI), Tuscany