All attributes (egg-free, gluten-free, free from lactic products, wheat-free, free from brewer’s yeast, free from raising agents, etc. etc.) result from our rigorous selection of ingredients. This cannot exclude all possible mistakes, however, and above all traces of allergens in the production processes. It is fundamental that whoever has, or believes him or herself to suffer from food intolerances, or to be allergic to any type of foodstuff, contact us in a precautionary manner to verify any compatibilities in cases of doubt.

Over and above this, any nutritional or therapeutic indication given on this site is only valid when approved by a professional (doctor, dietician…)

General conditions

(in accordance with heading 1, title 3, part 3 of the legislative decree 206/2005, with later modifications and amendments)

1. Premises and effectiveness of the General Conditions

The current general sales conditions (hereafter called ‘General Conditions’) have as their object the discipline of purchase of products and services carried out at distance, and made possible by Internet connectivity, from the site (hereafter called ‘The Site’), in full respect of Italian standards, as in the legislative decree 206/2005, with later modifications and amendments (hereafter called ‘Consumers Code’).

The product vendor and proprietor of the Site is Conca d’Oro S.A.S., with registered offices at 102 Via Indipendenza, Venturina Terme, 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI),

VAT n° 01357460490, REA: LI – 120975

E-mail address:

The consumer who accesses the Site in order to make purchases (hereafter called ‘the Customer’) must, prior to placing any order, attentively read these General Conditions, available to him or her on the Site, and which may be consulted by the Customer at any moment. In cases where the subject who makes purchases on the Site requests that an invoice be issued, and/or is not a ‘consumer or user’ as defined in article 3, clause 1, letter ‘a’ of the Consumers Code, the right of withdrawal covered by articles 7 and 8 of these general Conditions shall not have validity, and more generally those that the same Consumers Code anticipates shall be applied only to ‘consumers’.

The exclusive contracts with the Conca D’Oro sas made by way of the Site are regulated by these General Conditions, in respect of Italian standards. The language for use in the contract is Italian.

2. Choosing and ordering the product

The characteristics and prices of the various products on sale on the Site (hereafter called ‘Product’ or ‘Products) are carried on the pages relating to each Product.

For the purchase of the Products the Customer must fill in the order form in its electronic format, following the instructions given on the Site.

The Customer must add the Product to the ‘shopping basket’ and, having taken note of the General Conditions and of the Privacy Policy, and confirmed that these are accepted, must input the data regarding delivery and any invoicing, select the type of payment method desired, and then confirm the order.

Once the order has been sent, this having contractual value, the Customer recognises and declares that he or she is aware of all indications given during the purchase procedure, and accepts wholly these General Conditions and all conditions regarding payment.

The contract stipulated between Conca D’Oro sas and the Customer is taken to be concluded when Conca D’Oro sas accepts the order.

Such acceptance shall be communicated to the Customer by way of an e-mail of confirmation of the order ,which shall contain a reference to these General Conditions, the order number, details of delivery and invoicing, and the list of the Products ordered with their essential characteristics and total price, including delivery costs. The Customer shall check the e-mail of confirmation, and should any errors be found shall have 12 hours of time following reception of the e-mail in which to contact Customer Services directly from the Site, using the suitable contact form accessed by way of the ‘Assistenza’ tab.

Once this period has passed, the order will be executed preparatory to its delivery, and no further modifications may be accepted, without any prejudice to the rights of the Customer, as at article 7 below.

Once the order has been received, Conca D’Oro sas shall check the availability of the stock so as to carry out the order. In cases where one or more Products are not available, Customer Services shall swiftly send an e-mail to the Customer to communicate such. The Customer shall then have 12 hours of time in which to answer, confirming the order of such Products or cancelling the order. Should no reply be received in this period of time, the order shall be considered as confirmed, and the available products forwarded. In this case, the entire sum relating to the Products lacking shall be refunded, or – according to the type of payment method selected – shall not be charged to the Customer.

3. Product Information

Information and characteristics relating to the Products, with the Product code, are available on the Site.

Visual reproduction of the product on the Site, where available, corresponds to the normal photographic image of the Product, to accompany the descriptive details. It should be understood that the Product image has only the purpose of representing this for sale, and may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics and quality, but may differ regarding colour and size. In cases of differences between the image and the descriptive details, these latter shall always be taken to attest to the Product quality.

4. Prices and delivery

The prices of the Products are inclusive of all taxes and duties. All prices are given in Euro.

Delivery (within Italy)

Free delivery is guaranteed within Italy for orders of over € 59.00. For orders below this price, the cost of delivery is € 10.00.

Delivery abroad

The terms vary according to the country of destination. Expenses shall be communicated to the Customer at the checkout phase, and in any case prior to confirmation of the order. When the customer selects a country of destination other than Italy, delivery costs shall automatically be updated.

5. Payment methods and invoicing

The Customer may make payment for the Product and all related delivery costs by way of credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, pre-paid credit cards, and cash on delivery.

To guarantee maximum security, the Customer shall carry out the payment transaction on a safe server of the PayPal bank.

Once the order is confirmed, the customer shall be redirected to the PayPal site, where it is possible to make payment using one’s own account or using a card (also pre-paid), or in any case following the methods accepted by PayPal in respect of their related conditions.

Bank transfer

The Customer shall carry out the transfer within three days of the date of order, for orders relating to Products, and one day for those orders relating to events and/or courses. As soon as the bank transfer has been carried out, the Customer shall send a copy of the payment as made to this e-mail address

In cases where this does not come about, the order will be cancelled and the goods placed anew at the availability of other Customers for purchase. Customers who have not arranged for the bank transfer to be made may be contacted by Customer Services in order to clarify whether the cause of the lack of such is due to the desire of the Customer not to confirm the purchase, or to other causes.

Information for bank transfers:

IBAN: IT80W0503470641000000000574

Payment description – the Customer shall indicate as payment description for the transfer, the order number to be found in the e-mail of confirmation (e.g. ‘Order n°100012345 of 01/01/14 ).

Cash on delivery

This payment method is available only for deliveries within Italy, and only for orders not exceeding € 450.00. Payment shall be made at the moment of receiving the Products and may be made only in cash. For cash on delivery payments the Customer shall be required to pay a delivery charge of € 4.50.

5.2 Order invoicing

When the order is made by a professional figure, it shall be possible to request that an invoice be issued by selecting the suitable box during the order procedure, and inputting the invoicing data, including fiscal code and/or VAT number. In such cases the invoice shall be sent by e-mail to the address given. The professional figure shall be responsible for inputting invoicing data correctly, and be aware that in cases where no request for an invoice is made during the order procedure, it shall not be possible to issue any such invoice at a later moment.

6. Transport and delivery

The products purchased from the Site shall be delivered to the address given by the Customer during the order procedure, entered into the specific field ‘Dati di Spedizione’ (‘Delivery data’).

All purchases shall be delivered by express courier (hereafter called ‘Courier’) from Monday to Friday, national holidays excluded. Conca D’Oro sas shall not be held responsible for unforeseeable delays.

Once the product has been forwarded, the Customer shall receive an e-mail of confirmation containing a link to which reference may be made in order to track delivery.

In all cases, except cases of force majeure or fortune, the products ordered shall be delivered within a period of 7 (seven) working days, beginning from the day following that on which Conca D’Oro sas confirmed the order to the Customer by way of a specific e-mail for the purpose.

Delivery services within Italy

The service foresees two attempts to deliver at the address given with the order. Notification shall be left following each attempt. Should the second attempt not meet with success, the courier shall attempt to contact the consignee by telephone at the number given with the order, so as to agree on delivery. In cases where it is impossible to trace the consignee, or where such is absent, the goods shall return to storage.

Delivery services abroad

Delivery abroad may take place with different Couriers according to the country of destination, so as to guarantee the best possible charge for the Customer.

7. Right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract for whatever reason, without need to offer explanation and without any penalty, excluding those cases laid down in point IV below. To exercise this right, the customer shall communicate with Conca D’Oro sas within 14 days of reception of the Products. In cases where it is desired to withdraw prior to receiving the Products, such communication may be sent at any time before their reception.

Such communication must be sent by registered post to the following address:

fao – Amministrazione shop on line

Conca d’Oro s.a.s.
Via Indipendenza, 102
57021 Venturina Terme ( LI )

Once such communication has been received, the Conca D’Oro sas Customer Services shall open the procedure for the management of the return, and instruct the Customer regarding the method of return, which shall take place using the Courier indicated by Conca D’Oro sas itself.

The right of withdrawal is governed by the following conditions.

the right applies to Product purchased in its entirety. Therefore should the Product be composed of multiple components or parts, it will not be possible to exercise withdrawal regarding only part of the Product purchased.

In cases of exercise of the right of withdrawal, Conca D’Oro sas shall reimburse the Customer with the entire sum of the goods returned, including delivery costs, within 14 days from the date in which communication of withdrawal is received, subject to the right of Conca D’Oro sas to suspend payment of any reimbursal until full restitution of the goods has taken place. Reimbursal shall take place using the same method of payment as originally chosen by the Customer, except in cases where this latter has requested a different method. In cases of bank transfer, or cash on delivery payments, it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to supply bank details for the reimbursal to be made (account name, name and address and IBAN of the bank).

In order to guarantee that restitution of the goods is free of charge, as under article 8 below, the Products must be returned in the same box or packaging in which they were received.

Beyond the cases indicated in the Premises above (Customer not consumer and/or requiring invoice), the right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases, as under article 59 of the legislative decree 21/2014:

  • orders of Product made-to-measure or clearly personalised;
  • orders of Product which risk rapid deterioration or expiry;
  • orders of sealed Product which are not suitable for return for hygienic reasons, or others related to health protection, or those which have been opened following delivery.

The Customer is informed, and accepts, that Products which ‘risk rapid deterioration or expiry’, as in the cases of exclusion from the right of withdrawal listed above, include all food Products (including wines, spirits and drinks), given that the characteristics and qualities of such Product types are subject to alteration also as a consequence of non-appropriate methods of storage. As such, for hygienic reasons and for Customer protection, the right of withdrawal is applicable solely to the products which may be returned to Conca D’Oro sas and placed again on sale without any health risk to consumers.

In cases of exclusion of the right of withdrawal, Conca D’Oro sas shall return the Products purchased to the Customer, and charge the same for the costs of delivery.

8. Free return in cases of the exercise of the right of withdrawal

As a condition of favour to the Customer, Conca D’oro sas shall take as its own responsibility all costs of return of Product in cases of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

So as to aid with such charge-free transportation, the Customer who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal shall follow the procedure indicated in the article 7 above, and await contact from Conca D’Oro sas to agree restitution of the product to the Courier.

9. Guarantees and non-conformity

In cases of Product non-conformity and defect regarding goods sold by Conca D’Oro sas, the Customer shall immediately contact Customer Services using the specific contact form, accessed by way of the ‘Assistenza Cliente’ (Customer Assistance) tab.

Legal guarantees applicable on sale of the product are laid down in articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumers Code. The Customer has the right, at choice and on condition that the typology of product allows this, to Product renewal, without cost, by way of repair or substitution, or to an adequate reduction in price or to the resolution of the contract. The Customer loses such rights in cases where no notification of defect or non-conformity is made to Conca D’Oro within two months from the date in which such a defect is detected. Again this excludes cases regarding Product which, for its nature, is perishable or subject to expiry in shorter periods, in which cases the defect must be notified within such shorter periods.

10. Errors and limitations of responsibility

Information relating to Products supplied by way of the Site is constantly updated. It is not, however, possible to guarantee the complete absence of any error, for which Conca D’Oro sas is not to be considered responsible, save in cases of deceit or grave fault.

Conca D’Oro sas reserves the right to correct errors, inaccuracies and omissions, also after the forwarding of an order, or to modify or update information at whatever moment, without prior communication, this subject to the rights of the Customer as outlined in these General Conditions and in the Consumers Code.

Except for deceit or grave fault, all rights of the Customer to damages or for compensation are excluded, as is any responsibility, contractual or otherwise, for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things caused by the lack of acceptance, or the even partial execution of an order.

Conca D’Oro sas promotes responsible consumption of alcohol and excludes any possible responsibility (except in cases of deceit and grave fault) in cases of purchase carried out by minors under the age of 16.

11. Complaints

Any possible complaint shall be forwarded to Conca D’Oro sas using the suitable contact form, accessible on the site using the ‘Assistenza Clienti’ (Customer Assistance) tab, or by telephoning 0565.855967 (from abroad +39 0565855967) from Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m., excluding holidays, or by registered mail at the following address:

fao – Amministrazione shop on line

Conca d’Oro s.a.s.
Via Indipendenza, 102
57021 Venturina Terme ( LI )

Conca D’Oro sas undertakes to reply to all requests received, within a maximum of 7 working days.

12. Applicable law and Court of Jurisdiction

The sales contract between the Customer and Conca D’Oro sas is taken to be concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian Law. To resolve any eventual disagreements or differing interpretations, and for execution and resolution as under these General Conditions, or regarding single purchase orders if the customer is a consumer, as under the terms of the Consumers Code, the exclusive Court of Jurisdiction shall be that of Livorno, any other court being excluded.


As under article 1341 c.c., the customer declares that he/she has read and accepts, in particular, the following articles of these General Conditions – 6 (responsibility for delayed delivery), 10 (ability to correct errors – exclusion of responsibility).