Courses, the fascination of discovery

Let yourself be accompanied in the discovery of the world of chocolate by a “curious researcher and great lover of chocolates and sweets” as Domenico D’Affronto loves to call himself.

To know the most prized chocolate from all over the world

To know what it is that you are eating

To become a connoisseur of chocolate

To experience an all-embracing pleasure

The cocoa way, to discover excellence in chocolate

  • The origins of cocoa, between history and myth.
  • Botanical varieties, typologies, areas of cultivation and characteristic flavours.
  • From the plant to the chocolate.
  • Sensorial analysis with guided tastings (5 typologies) – from common chocolate to single origin chocolate, cru, and up to 100%.

2 hours

from 25 to 60 people

Harmony and fusion, discovering eno-pralines

  • A brief historical survey and the typologies of cocoa.
  • The ‘Harmony and Fusion’ concept – study, research and technique, a world exclusive of Domenico D’Affronto.
  • Guided tastings of 4 typologies of chocolate made from the most prized cocoa in the world.
  • Wine tasting with related eno-pralines.

2 hours

from 25 to 60 people


Via Indipendenza 102
57029 Venturina (LI), Tuscany