“Each wine has its own chocolate”

Meticulous research of the best cocoas in the world with particular flavourings, so as to harmonise these with the best Italian and international wines.

The aim? To give each enopraline the same feelings that a glass of wine can transmit, an exclusive technique, unique the world over.

HARMONY AND FUSION, a personal and innovative concept – fusing the two spirits, wine and chocolate, striving for harmony.

Domenico D’Affronto

Enopraline Vinsanto del Chianti
Enopraline Paleo Bolgheri
Enopraline I'Rennero
Enopraline Allodio
Enopraline Aleatico Elba
Enopraline Alaterno
Enopraline Supertoscani
Enopraline Supertoscani


Via Indipendenza 102
57029 Venturina (LI), Tuscany