Wedding Cakes

The cake is the final course in an unforgettable day, the key to a treasure chest that holds memories which will never fade. Aware of this enormous responsibility, we create together with you your own unique and exclusive cake, holding two key elements in mind – FIRST THE GOODNESS, THEN THE APPEARANCE.

In fact, what good is a cake that is all appearance if it is not made with the finest ingredients, and above all with a balance of flavours and consistencies to give you a Grand Tour in Flavour?

Only this way can you be unforgettable.

After a first meeting with the couple to be, where we exchange ideas, another follows on to taste our proposals.

It will be you who decides the cake that best represents you.

Only following this research does appearance come in. From that moment my task begins, to allow you to live moments, dreams and feelings that are yours alone.


Via Indipendenza 102
57029 Venturina (LI), Tuscany